University of Arizona, Tucson


February 2-3, 2001

Friday morning (Econ-200)

8:15      COFFEE (Outside Economics Room 200)


8:45      Ewan M. Wright (Optical Sciences-UA)

Exact many-body solutions for one dimensional ultracold trapped gases

9:15      Benjamin Luce   (LANL)

Homoclinic Chaos in a Double-Gyre Ocean Model

9:45      Daniel Coombs (Applied Math-UA)

Chirality Transformations of Bacterial Flagella

10:15    BREAK-Refreshments outside Econ-200

10:30     Larry Winter  (LANL)

 Approximate Statistical Moments of Darcy Flows in Composite Porous Media

11:00     Mike Buksas (LANL)

 Derivation of Adjoint Operators in Mimetic Differencing Schemes

11:30     Synte Peacock (LANL)

 Use of natural tracer distributions to infer average rates of deep convection in the ocean



Friday Afternoon (Econ-200):FLUIDS and FLOWS

1:15      Mac Hyman (LANL)

Opportunities for Students at LANL

1:30      Daniel L Stein (Physics-UA)

Do Two-Dimensional Spin Glasses Have Many Ground States?

2:00      John Finn (LANL)

Lagrangian Chaos and Eulerian Behavior in Shear Flow Dynamics

2:30      Kelly Wieand (Math-UA)

Eigenvalues of Random Permutation Matrices

3:00      Wayne Hacker (Applied Math-UA)

 Generation of Boundary layer instability waves by the interaction of freestream acoustic waves with a wavy wall

3:30       BREAK-Refreshments in Math 401N (Note: Change of Building!)

4:00      Colloquium Speaker (Math 501): Peter Pfeifer  (LANL)

 Optimal Flux Properties of Fractal Respiratory Membranes



Saturday Morning (Econ-200)

8:30      Marian Anghel (LANL)

Seismicity patterns in Earthquake Fault Models

9:00      Dmitry Kondrashov  (Applied Math-UA)

Minimalist Model of a Protein

9:30     Paul Pederson  (LANL)

An Application to Systems of PDE's of a New  Generalization of Complex Variables

10:00    BREAK-Refreshments outside Econ-200

10:15     Tom Kenedey (Math-UA)

 Universality of the distribution of the end-point  of the self-avoiding walk

10:45    Chongsheng Cao (LANL)

Finite Dimensional Global Attractor for a 3D Planetary Geostrophic Viscous Model

11:15    Gary Webb  (Lunar and Planetary Sciences-UA)

Parametric instabilities and wave coupling in  Alfvén simple waves



Saturday Afternoon (Econ-200)

1:00      Jan Wehr (Math-UA)

A Central Limit Theorem for Iterations of Nonlinear Averages

1:30      Martin Staley   (LANL)

Pdeum 1.1: A Problem-Solving Environment for Partial Differential Equations

2:00     Jesse Taylor (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology-UA)

Transmission Bottlenecks in an Expanding Epidemic

2:30      BREAK-Refreshments outside Econ-200

3:00      Josh Soneson (Applied Math-UA)

 Numerical Solution of the Gross-Pitaevskii Equation in Cylindrical Coordinates

3:30      Stéphane Lafortune (Math-UA)

Blending two discrete integrability criteria: singularity confinement and algebraic entropy

4:00       Regan Murray (LANL)

 A Macroscopic Model for Bioclogging in Porous Media



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